Questions Asked, and Answered... A Heart-Forward Approach

Updated: May 1, 2019

Some of our swim parents relayed some feedback to me from other parents in the stands at the Chinook Invitational and our PreComp Mini Meet. I love opportunities to speak to feedback, and today is no different, always with hopes we can create more togetherness, and continue to realize our common goals through learning and clarification. If we all receive the same message, we can continue to create space to allow for more expansion and opportunity for our little people.

Question: Why are the races on the other side of the pool far away from the bench where we can’t see our kids, why aren’t they swimming closer to the viewing area?”

Answer: Great question. In order to facilitate and ensure the long list of things that must flow smoothly, all equipment must be set up on the far side of the pool. It is a logistics, and deck space requirement for meet management to be able to offer the best experience we can for our athletes. This is something we do not have control of.

However, if cheering from the stands was a barrier for you as a parent, the easy solution is to begin the process of becoming an official, where you will be able to be in the middle of the action right on the pool deck. For those families who will embark on the competitive side of swimming next season (that email will come soon), officiating is a mandatory expectation of all parents. And, it’s FUN.

Question/Comment: This meet is so unorganized”.

Answer: False. From the stands it may have looked chaotic, and before we began racing it was hectic, but overall, this mini-meet was run extremely well, and was in fact very, very organized. We can thank our parent officials, volunteers, coaches and our Bronze, Silver and Gold squad swimmers for helping to ensure all of our athletes’ needs were met, and each swimmer left happy after an enjoyable experience.

Note for next year: We will have an announcer (probably me!) to elevate the experience of both athletes and spectators with a play-by-play communication to help families feel closer to the action from the stands.

Question/Comment: Communication hasn’t been very good”.

Answer: Here is some irony for all of us: Complaining about communication to others, instead of communicating with the person who is responsible for communication.

That’s a tongue twister isn’t it? We all do it. And if we are being honest that method only results in contributing to a problem, instead of us being willing participants to a solution. Here are some thoughts…

Just recently, I sent the usual Wednesday-Before-the-Meet email out to our competing squads, a time-honored tradition of communication our families now rely on for critical information.

The following day, families reached out to ask “Hey, where’s the Wednesday email”, (via text message) which led us to discover a systemic communication issue with our website. Meaning – some emails were not being received.

Does this happen often? No, but it does. Not just to us, but to many other organizations and in this circumstance, we were able to discover the issue, and now we can work to resolve it.

There are a myriad of paths of communication we offer. Emails from me, with the hope of packing them full of information so your inboxes aren’t flooded with Comet emails. Our Comet Parent Facebook Page, our website - which has all of our parent session pdfs, forms and other relevant documents and of course, a face to face conversation. Oh, and this blog, when I can find the time to send one out! The opportunities for education and information are extensive, and we are always excited to talk about what we are doing, why we do what we do and what we stand for.

Is there more that can be done? Let me know!

And as a reminder – if you don’t receive an email response from me within 48 hours, please re send it! Especially if your hope is to get an answer to a question or wish for clarification on something. It has always been my intention to personally reply to our families, as it creates another opportunity to connect. My hope is these last years have demonstrated to our families our desire of creating connection and understanding in order to continue to build our culture of family.

I’ll leave you with this:

Question/Comment: What is any parent really looking for in a sports organization, or any organization they choose to have their child participate in?”


We want our kids to be safe. To feel safe. To feel included, and part of something bigger than they are. To create relationships with adults of influence we can place our trust in. To have enriching experiences in an environment our children can thrive and take risks in. To learn skills they can take with them and teach their own children. To learn and progress a new set of skills through new challenges. To create long lasting friendships. To lead a life inspired. To not require a second mortgage to be able to afford a program which can offer these experiences.

So when communication doesn’t get to you. Or you don’t get a reply to an email right away. When you feel disappointed in something, or hoped for a different outcome – please reach out to me. Let’s work together to move forward.

Your children are the reason this program exists. It is inspired by them, and created for them. Your children deserve the very best we have to offer and the effort given to make this organization what it is – is to make sure we create something worthy of them. My hope is you already know this - but if you don’t - you do now.

See You at the Pool, Heart-Forward,

Coach Danielle

Swim Meets : "It's about having fun with your besties and leaving at the end of the day with your arms round each other giggling and excited about tomorrow".
Photo Credit: Melanie Pinet