2020 Here We Come

It's day 111 of our 2019-2020 swim season, and it's shaping up once again to be our best season ever, in all areas. We have been blessed with an amazing group of families who have demonstrated their passion and commitment to our program in so many ways, and for that, we are so very thankful.

As we continue our season into this new year of unlimited possibilities it would be remiss to not reflect on how 2019 has shaped us into who we are right now, and the path we take forward.

We saw the largest number of registered athletes join us to date, with a healthy wait-list for families looking to be a part of our special Club. We hosted another successful swim meet, bursting at the seams, complete with a full Turkey Dinner and Waffles for breakfast. The first of 2 Golden Goggles events was a smashing success and our families have never been able to fundraise so easily with all of the options we have been given.

We have athletes swimming extremely well, and all while learning the fine art of balance - school, dating (the kids would cringe if I used that word around them), going to parties and still showing up to honour their commitment to their sport. Yes, I am speaking of our Gold Squad athletes, but parents - your children will be here soon enough!

Our parents continue to be the number one swim fans in the stands, (coined by other clubs who recognize you!) cheering not only for their own children, but all Comet athletes in the water. Our swimmers look forward to their meets knowing they have their very own cheer squad rooting for them.

Our families were also not immune to heart-breaking challenges this past year. More than one of our special people have been facing life-threatening, debilitating diseases, impacting their families, and all of the communities they touch, including ours. The gift of being reminded to laugh often and love fiercely has become a part of our philosophy, as these special people and their journeys have changed us all forever.

We have become more than a swim club, or even a community. We have become a family. Here's to another promising #heartforward year of learning, expansion and evolution for our special people. Wherever this year takes us, we take it together. And together - is always better.

#heartforward #2020 #gocometsgo

Comets Christmas Celebration 2019